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Relief Effort in Dhading

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

We are extremely happy and satisfied to write that after 3 days of tireless efforts from all the team members, both in Nepal and USA, we have successfully concluded the relief aid in Dhading district. Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

  • We visited 10 villages (Shoraa Gharey, Teen Gharey, Basha, Maslo Hatiya, Gairii Gaun, Bhul Bhule, Kerabari, Bimirey, Sunaulo Bazaar and Kaflai). Sad but true, in some of these villages we were first group to provide any form of relief aid. Villagers were very organized and calm during the distribution and were very appreciative of our work.

  • We distributed tents, blankets, food, and some other everyday essentials for estimated 425 families in total. All the blankets were provided free of charge by a donor, Irina Kansakar’s effort, in Kathmandu.

  • We were able to connect to 20 of 28 sponsored children in this region. Two of our children suffered a non-life threatening injury during earthquake and are currently undergoing treatment in hospital. 13 of these children’s home were damaged and unsuitable to live. These families are currently living in tent provided by Ganga Ghar. Rest of the 8 children’s family have temporarily moved away from Dhading to their family home or to be with other relatives. None of the children are reported missing. We are making every effort to contact them.

  • For this trip, we have teamed with Ghumante which is administered by a talented photographer Prakash Budhathoki. Our goal is to publish a photo story, the theme of which will be hope and smiles.

  • While the team was in Dhading, we have also partnered with some energetic and highly dedicated youths of Kathmandu to reach out to elderly people of Kirtipur. After their needs assessment of the area, these youths concluded that while most of the elderly who have lost their home in earthquake have been provided temporary shelters/ tents, they were mostly sleeping on cold floor/ground. Ganga Ghar supported them with Rs. 90 thousand in their project to donate mattresses.

Thank you to all the donors who have made this possible. Please know that we have together made the difference and ease the pain of many people. We are aware that what we have provided them will not be enough to fix all their problems for long run; however, we have at least gave them hope, if not anything else. And hope is a powerful thing to have right now.

Here is the photo story of our relief effort in Dhading.

We are heading to Gorkha district, the epicenter of earthquake, next. So, please continue to support by donating and sharing our relief effort among your friends, families and communities.

For pictures, click here

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