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Relief Effort in Gorkha

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

After Dhading, we went to Gorkha (the epicenter district of earthquake). We distributed relief aid in two villages -- Gyal chowk and China ghat.

Gyal chowk was about 1.5 hours walk from the nearest highway. Our team walked through the village and distributed goods to every house. There were only 17 homes in that village. In China ghat, by contacting a community leader Kiran Babu Shrestha ahead, we were able to gather villagers from surrounding villages (Bentar, Benibesi, Khastaar, and Basidada). He was also able to send people to help us carry most of the goods. Our team distributed a total of 125 tents along with blankets and food supplies, helping 175 families. No relief aid had reached both of these villages yet. Thank you to all the donors and supporters for making all these possible. Please know that you all have made a difference to so many people's lives in ways we will never be able to explain. For pictures, click here

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