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So the Quest Continues

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Giving is a very powerful word. I believe I found the essence of it in the jaunt to Dhading.

After one week of planning with Dhading representative Mrs. Laxmi Shrestha and different schools in the region, and after shopping and other arrangements were all done, Sachi and I left for Dhading on 11th November 2011 at 10am. The excitement was increasing as our destination appeared closer. We were going to hand over winter clothes to the children for the winter.

We reached Dhading at 1 pm that day. As soon as we got there, we visited Sungabha Academy School and met the Vice-Principal Mr. Badri Lamsal. We launched a two month free meal at the school cafeteria for Laxmi Nepali, Nabin Pariyar and Bishal Nepali because their families were in dire financial need.

Our next stop of the trip was Mrs. Laxmi Shrestha’s house. Excitement had filled the air as we had a big day ahead of us; we had to distribute all that we had brought with us to the children, based on what they needed. At Mrs. Laxmi’s house, her children Shreeya and Shrijal both helped us in sorting all the goods we had bought, which included winter jackets, sweaters, notebooks, school bags, pencil boxes, geometry boxes and pencils. Mr. Ram Pradhan helped us with snacks for the program. All the children and their parents were informed about the event in advance.

The event wasn’t supposed to start until 11 am on the twelfth of November but people had started to come in as early as 10 am. Many villagers were inquisitive about what was happening while the kids were pretty animated about receiving stationary items. At 11, as scheduled, we distributed all the goods to the kids. The happiness and smiles that we could see on the children’s faces upon receiving the items was precious. They seemed to have just found another reason to go to school. There is definitely no other parallel to the joy that education can bring. But we felt like we had just discovered that parallel in giving out all the stationary items and helping those kids to keep going with their education. And knowing the fact that this is just the beginning with many more events of such joy and happiness to follow keeps me and all the Ganga Ghar family bundled together to reach out and give more.

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