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Srijana Shrestha - 1:1 Sponsorship Program Manager

Education is a crucial factor that will help bring the change that we need. Nepal is a third world country where children are deprived of their basic rights. And for many children receiving quality education is a far fetched dream. But if change has to come then it has to start from the roots and for me the roots for development of Nepal are our children!

Hi! I am Srijana Shrestha an MBA graduate with a deep desire to work in the development sector. I started working for Ganga Ghar back in 2010 when the organization was at its initial stages and I have been associated with the organization ever since. All though my involvement has been sporadic so far I am back with more enthusiasm and to pursue my passion to help the underprivileged.

My experience with Ganga Ghar and its children has been very special. Every time I would visit the children I used to be treated like an elder sister who not only brought special gifts, supplies, stationary, clothes etc. but most importantly brought hope. I have also had a chance to build relationships with the mothers of these children and during my visits they would share their stories and treat me like a part of their family who understands their hardships. So, within Ganga Ghar I have found a bigger family and I deeply feel privileged to have gotten this opportunity. I don’t think there has to be a greater reason than this to be back.

I firmly believe that education is the key to development and an educated population is vital for strong economic development. Nepal is still known as a “third world country” but with our efforts this can be changed. I feel that my involvement with Ganga Ghar will give me an opportunity to contribute to this change that I believe in. Our efforts may be small but these efforts will accumulate to bring about a bigger change, a change that will take Nepal on the trails of prosperity.

Ganga Ghar believes in providing a sponsorship program that not only provides education but also empowers families because it impacts the overall performance of the child. Therefore, in the days to come I want to work with the mother of these children to impart skills that will empower these mothers to become entrepreneurs whose incomes can uplift the entire family.

There is a lot to be done, a lot more that can be achieved. I hope to give as much as I can to make this cause a huge success!

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