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The Heart that Grows Fonder goes to Nepal

3 weeks away from my wife and 3 month old son

When we founded Ganga Ghar in 2009, I knew that there would be times where sacrifices must be made. However, I never imagined having to leave my first child and wife alone for 3 weeks in order to travel half way around the world in pursuit of our mission.

To say the least, I am very anxious about the next 3 weeks. I’ve barely left my family alone for more than 3 hours at a time since our new son, Eshan, was born. But I take comfort knowing that my wife is an outstanding mother who will provide double the love and care that our baby needs while I am away.

The almost overwhelming love and attachment that I feel toward my family, and the ache that I feel as I make the long journey to Nepal, reminds me of the overwhelming purpose that drove Ojash, me, and a few family members and friends to start Ganga Ghar.

It also gives me a unique source of strength and resolve that I have never felt before.

We founded Ganga Ghar because we wanted to improve the lives of impoverished children in Nepal through education. We have been very successful in our mission as our growth in sponsored children, Chase award, and other accomplishments demonstrate.

But the results speak to so many sacrifices - large and small - that have been made since we started out. Our sponsors, supporters, volunteers, family members, and friends have all stood beside and sacrificed with us, the record of which has become a driving force for the continued success of our mission.

So with the start of this journey, I begin with a heart that is stronger and which I know will grow fonder of my beautiful family in light of the sacrifice we all accept in pursuit of a better world.

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