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The Team is Ready for Action

Over the past 24 hours, the Ganga Ghar network has been actively coordinating for relief efforts following the devastating earthquake on Saturday, April 25th.

The Team

Our team of Ganga Ghar employees, friends, family members, and volunteers will be visiting two communities hit hard by the quake--Chunikhel and Dhading. Initial reports state that approximately 90% of the homes in the village area of Dhading have been destroyed. The team (Chij Kumar Shrestha, Bikram Parajuli, Sudhir Chand, Sahil Amatya, Christopher Mulmi, and Prakash Budathoki) departs today with a mission to help families in these remote areas and check on the status of all our Ganga Ghar sponsored children and their families.

The Plan

The team will be equipped to support children and families as needed, providing food, clean water, and shelter for the many people who have lost their homes. The team has already secured 100 tents and has 100 more back-ordered. The high demand for temporary shelter has created a shortage in tents, so we are leveraging our wide network of contacts and have been able to secure goods from Ganga Ghar allies in the Chitwan region. Our primary focus in Chunikhel and Dhading will be attending to the children and families that Ganga Ghar sponsors, as these are some of the most impoverished. However, it is not in our hearts to turn away those who need our help, and our team will aim to help all of those who need it. We plan to provide shelter to about 200 families in Dhading.

Ganga Ghar is a grassroots organization that has grown through creating relationships and connections between people who need help and people who can offer help. This is precisely what we will continue to do now in the face of crisis. We’re not a large international aid or disaster relief organization, and we don’t have the resources to provide all the services that those types of organizations offer, so we’ll be working to fill in the cracks and supplement the efforts of the larger organizations at work in Nepal.

We’ve already connected with the Mitrata Foundation, who will be joining in the mission to Dhading and contributing funds to the relief effort there. As our team works in the field, they will be on the lookout for organizations offering medical assistance that Ganga Ghar can partner with and assist financially.

We know the road to stability will be a long one, and we truly appreciate the outpouring of support we’ve experienced from our sponsors and friends. As we continue to support children and families in distress, we’re relying on the continued financial support from our extended Ganga Ghar family.

How can you help?

  1. Make a tax deductible contribution to our fundraiser to support earthquake relief efforts. These funds will provide support such as food, fresh water, and shelter to those who need it most.

  2. Share this information with others. In the wake of disaster, many people wonder how they can help, and are looking for trustworthy organizations. Helping us spread the word about what our team is doing goes a long way.

  3. Like us on Facebook or sign up for emails from Ganga Ghar to receive updates about our efforts as we continue our mission in Nepal.

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