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Three Amazing Days in Dhading

Hello! My name is Sumina Pradhan. As an intern with Ganga Ghar, I’m learning a lot that helps me as I study to become a Social Worker. Only a few weeks ago, we visited Jhapa and had a very busy visit as we interviewed many prospective children for sponsorship. Our latest trip took us to Dhading, where we had a fulfilling, wonderful experience.

We left Kathmandu with the warm rays of the sun early Saturday morning with our hearts full of excitement. After a 3 hour drive, we crossed the Trishuli River and reached Dhading. As soon as we stepped out the van, the smell of the fields, the animals, the greenery, and the fresh air welcomed us. The friendliness of the locals made us feel comfortable and welcome.

After lunch, we went to Bal Mandir School to pick up a list of children who need support. We visited those children and spoke with them about their families, their studies, and the obstacles they face. Talking to those children, I became aware of the fact that poverty and illiteracy still hold back many children in spite of their drive to learn and grow. We learned of many cases of abandonment and assault to women who hadn’t given birth to sons. Even though the world is enjoying its 21st century of evolution, there are still many places in our country where gender discrimination affects children, and families, and restricts opportunities for girls.

The next day, Ganga Ghar teamed up with the Mitrata Foundation. The Mitrata Foundation is a social work organization that donates clothing and other materials and they wanted to observe the activities of Ganga Ghar. We made our way to the next destination, Oli Dada, and were warmly welcomed by the villagers. Aama Samuha, a group of mothers in the village, provided us with delicious food. The best part was that we ate our food in “tapari” (traditional plates made from leaves) giving us a rich cultural experience. It was truly wonderful.

After we ate, we attended a program organized by Aama Samuha and the Local Youth Club of Dhading. The program consisted of dances and songs prepared by local people. We all joined in, dancing with our own moves. At the end of the program, 10000 rupees from Gang Ghar and 5000 rupees from the Mitrata Foundation were donated to the Aama Samuha to assist in the development of their village. Seeing this, I realized that helping impoverished people to not only fulfill their needs but also to stand up on their own feet, is Ganga Ghar’s main goal. After receiving so much love and warm hospitality from the residents, it was very sad to leave them all and such a beautiful place.

On the third day of our trip, we arranged Skype meetings between some sponsors and their sponsored children. Both the sponsors and the children were really happy to meet and talk with each other. I was proud to help brighten their day. The whole trip was a really wonderful, fruitful experience, and the beautiful location and warm loving people were the icing on the cake.

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