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Visiting Children and Families

One of the reasons I joined Ganga Ghar is because I would get to meet with children and families in person. Getting to meet children we help and understand their lifestyle and the challenges they face makes us more effective at what we do. Here an account of my first visit to Dhading on Oct 1st, 2011.

The goal of this visit was to meet with every child and family that Ganga Ghar sponsors in Dhading, Nepal and bring updates back to their sponsors in the USA. We met with 25 children at 3 different schools. We also visited about 20 homes and met their parents. We handed out letters to children that their sponsors had written to them. Children that received letters and pictures from their sponsors were thrilled. They couldn't believe that someone in the U.S would care for them and write to them. It was a life-changing moment in their lives.

One of the major goals of the visit was to assess children's and families' financial situations and help overcome any barriers to their education. Here is the list of items that children needed:

(i) Sweaters because winter was around the corner.

(ii) Children that received higher grades requested thicker notebooks and grammar books.

(iii) One of the children needed medical assistance.

(iv) Some families were in a dire financial situation and needed nutritional attention.

We are going back to Dhading on Nov 6th to deliver the above items. We are working with children and families to help them improve their lives for a better future. I would like to personally thank every sponsor and donor that supports Ganga Ghar. You must know that you are truly changing lives in Nepal for the better.

(Special thanks to Bikram Parajuli [Coordinator of GG], Laxmi Shrestha [Local representative of Dhading] and Abhishek Karki [my friend] for working as a team during the Dhading visit.)

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