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When did you last buy a Dictionary?

I can't remember the last time I bought a dictionary. Since the birth of "Define (word)" in Google and, I have not opened up a physical dictionary. However, there are places in this world where computers and internet for them are like flying cars for us. Hopefully your support will one day allow these children to use computers.

The three girls in the picture above study at Balmandir School in Dhading, Nepal. Their names are Bina Gurung, Laxmi Gurung and Sunita Tamang (from left to right). They are in 8th grade. Bikram Parajuli and I (Srijana Shrestha) visit them from Kathmandu every 3 months to get updates. During our visit we provide them with basic supplies for the school and pay their tuition. In every visit, we ask them if they need any additional items or if there is anything we can do to help them in their education. They always shy away and doesn't ask for anything. This time it was different. For the first time, they asked - "K tapailai hamilai dictionary ra calculator kinidinu huncha?", which in English means, "Can you buy us a dictionary and a calculator?" I couldn't believe that a question as simple as that would bring that big of a smile to our faces. We dropped everything we were doing and rushed to a nearby stationary store and bought them their first dictionary and calculator.

This story tells us that the children we sponsor are becoming comfortable with us and they have started believing in us. When they understand how important their education and success are to us, it makes your sponsorship and our effort that much more worthwhile.

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