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Words from Ganga Ghar's Newest Volunteer

As the newest member of the Ganga Ghar Nepal team, I’m grateful to everyone who has made me feel welcome already. It’s good to know we share the same excitement of making a difference in the lives of children and families in Nepal.

Education and literacy has always been very important to me. For example, I’ve done a lot of research on how the literacy rate in Cuba was doubled during the course of the 1961 Literacy Campaign, and I’ve been writing a book on this topic.

The same success can happen for Nepal, and indeed any struggling country that has yet to meet its full educational potential.

Education is a way to bring a country peacefully into the global economy and raise the standard of living of all citizens – much like a rising tide that lifts all boats. The shift from subsistence-level struggle to production and entrepreneurship can only be achieved through education, and I’m glad to see that Ganga Ghar has hit on a strategy to make the most effective use of the funding and grants it receives.

Ganga Ghar’s goal is a simple one -- to remove the distractions and impediments that prevent children in Nepal from completing their education.

I am so excited to be going to Nepal to help document the success of these programs. We’ll be able to introduce you to some of the children and families that Ganga Ghar has been supporting, and demonstrate how it has changed their lives for the better. It’s an exciting program, and a great opportunity to make a difference. Stay tuned for the personal webisodes we’ll be posting from Nepal!

By Brennan Pardee

Ganga Ghar is excited to have Brennan, our newest team member, travelling to Nepal with us. Brennan requested to be part of the volunteer travel team by paying for his own flight ticket and donated $1000 to the project. Thank you for your support, Brennan!

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