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Worn Path, Sandals and Education

My name is Sachi Dixit, and as a sponsor of a child, I was very excited to volunteer for Ganga Ghar on a visit to the children in Dorphirdi, Nepal. Three of us Susan, Abhishek and I left Kathmandu on Oct 23rd, 2011 at 7am. After an eight hour bus ride and two hours of walking, we finally reached the village of Dorphirdi. Seeing all of the kids in uniform while traveling there made me really happy, realizing that more and more children have started going to school and the situation in our country is actually improving. We stayed at Mr. Jung Bahadur Giris’ house, a retired Indian Army Officer. He was very hospitable and offered us great food and shared his stories of how all his children went to Shree Pashupati Secondary School, the one we were scheduled to visit.

The next day, we woke up early and went to the school. The worn path used by the children took them an hour or more to reach the school. They wore sandals on their feet for the journey they made to school because they couldn’t afford shoes. After we arrived at the school, a sense of excitement could be felt in the air. The children were happy to see us. We started our work by asking them questions about their studies, school, and teachers. Their parents accompanied them so we also had an interactive session with them, asking about how they made a living and other aspects of family life.

On behalf of Ganga Ghar, we distributed shoes to all the sponsored children. We knew that 90% of the children attending that school experience financial hardship, so we were prepared to hand out 40 drawing and coloring books and 80 Nepali to English dictionaries. Every single child in the school was happy to see us and after receiving the gifts the look in their faces will never be forgotten.

After the exciting day, we asked the principal and the teachers about the children’s needs and their records of attendance. The teachers responded to us saying that the sponsored kids from Ganga Ghar have attended school regularly and have been paying attention in their classes. They thanked the organization for giving the children who couldn’t afford education a platform to discover their potential. Parent’s and guardians of the children expressed their gratitude to us, as well.

After the journey, I am more excited about Ganga Ghar than ever before. In fact, I am volunteering again on a second trip to Dhading in about a week. Stay tuned to my next blog for more updates. To all the sponsors and donors, please know that your donations and support are giving new meaning to the lives of these children. Thank you!

[Special thanks to Bikash Giri for coordinating the visits for us in your village. Thank you for your hospitality.]

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