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Year in Review and Looking Forward

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

As the world takes its first steps into 2012, Ganga Ghar also steps into its fourth year of providing education to poor and underprivileged children and families in Nepal. We are more passionate than ever about continuing to carry out our mission in the new year, but first we must pay tribute to 2011 in honor of the accomplishments of our team and our sponsors in helping Ganga Ghar reach new heights.

In the previous year, we achieved several of our goals and, in some cases, exceeded them. One of our most rewarding achievements has been the growth of our network of supporters. We grew from our core team of five people located in the US into an organization of over twenty enthusiastic volunteers spanning the globe. Our diverse team spends their creative, technical, and manual talents in order to help improve the lives of impoverished children in Nepal through education. Our network of sponsors has also grown in the last year, allowing us to touch the lives of over 100 children through their generosity. The growth and deepening of the relationships among our volunteers, our sponsors, and the children and families we help in Nepal is proof that improving the lives of individuals requires the coordinated efforts of dedicated people. The relationships are a blessing to all of those who are a part of them.

Ganga Ghar’s success in receiving a $25,000 award in the Chase Community Giving contest is a concrete example of our global network of supporters moving from inspiration into action. By the simple act of voting for Ganga Ghar and asking friends and family to do the same, we received a very clear message of trust in our vision and our ongoing efforts for its attainment. The overarching lesson learned in 2011 is that our strength comes from the people who make up our network. Thus, the greatest tribute we can pay to the year gone by is to continue cultivating our network throughout 2012 in order to improve the lives of more impoverished children and families in Nepal.

We are very excited for all that’s in store for 2012. Join us on our website and Facebook to receive the latest updates where we’re headed and how you can stay involved.

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