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Ganga Ghar is committed to helping reconstruct a school that was decimated during the earthquake by working together with the local communities, government, and other individuals and organizations who share the vision of rebuilding Nepal.

Ganga Ghar’s immediate earthquake relief program has aided 1,500 families in the hardest hit regions. With relief and recovery under way, now is the time to start rebuilding. With your help, we can rebuild a school that was completely destroyed.

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When the earthquake decimated this school, the impact was not only on the building itself; it affected each child and family in the area. Just as unsafe buildings are a danger to their occupants, interrupting a child’s educational progress is also dangerous. The risk of a student not returning to school after an unplanned hiatus is great; it’s even greater when the community is in crisis. With your help, and by involving the community, we can rebuild this school quickly, keeping students on track. But time is of the essence.


Our extensive local knowledge and grassroots network of supporters in the Oli Dada region enables Ganga Ghar to reach into the smaller remote villages where larger aid agencies often can’t assist. Sora Gharai is one such village.


The school in Sora Gharai village is an important one because it serves students from six to eight surrounding villages. This remote region of Oli Dada is a 1.5 hour walk from central Dhading, the closest town, or a 30-minute drive in an off-road vehicle. In the earthquake, the concrete school structure developed severe cracks and collapsed. The villagers -- including the school’s students -- are now working on safely demolishing and removing the rubble, preparing the space for a new structure.


The key word here is “Action”. Our goal is to begin reconstruction on July 15th, 2015. This aggressive timeline will minimize the interruption to the students’ education but also involve them in the planning and building of their new school. Ganga Ghar is seeking to raise $30,000 for this project, and in addition to your kind donations, we are collaborating with the community, local government, and other aid agencies to meet that funding goal.


Ganga Ghar plans to build a concrete one-storey building with five classrooms. We chose concrete over other forms of construction materials such as bamboo after extensive feasibility study in the local community. While estimated cost for the constructions are comparable, well-engineered concrete building will be much more stronger and long lasting than a bamboo structure, resulting in long term benefit to the community.
The building will be designed by an engineer and approved by the local authorities for regulatory purpose. Each classroom will have four concrete pillars in four corners while the walls will be built with concrete blocks. We will use galvanized tin as the roofing material. Construction materials for a concrete building are available in nearby town. We plan to utilize local manpower for construction. The local involvement will minimize the costs and will create a sense of ownership that will benifit the school as well as the community.

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